About Me


I am a 60 year old, down to earth, mom and grandmother who just happens to be an attorney who does private adoptions. I have lived my entire life in Arkansas and cherish the lifestyle in Northwest Arkansas.

My practice began in 1978 and I have very broad experience in the general practice of law. I did a few private adoptions from the very beginning. So I have over 30 years of adoption experience. As time passed, I realized the most satisfaction from my adoption practice. So for the last 10+ years, I have made every effort to move toward an “adoption only” practice.

My job in a nutshell is to represent adoptive parents and to take very good care of birth moms.

So whether you have an unplanned pregnancy or are looking to adopt, I will be happy to visit with you and give you a lot of information. Then you decide whether adoption is a good decision for you.

I am not an out of state adoption agency and you won’t be passed around among several caseworkers.

Adoption can be handled in a loving way and I strive to do that every day.

Types of Adoptions I Do

1.  Birth moms come to me and I find adoptive parents

2.  Adoptive parents come to me and I find birth moms 

3.  You find a birth mom, I do the legal work.

3.  Step Parent Adoption

4.  Grandparent Adoption

5.  Adult Adoption