How I Can Help You with an Unplanned Pregnancy


What I Will Do

Arrange for medical care

Arrange for payment of medical expenses

Pay certain living expenses 

Pay for maternity clothing

Work with you to develop an Adoption Plan for your unique circumstances and preferences

Be available to you 24/7 for personal and confidential assistance

Make every effort to take very good care of you

Many wonderful adoptive families have contacted me and are waiting to be matched with a birth mom. A match can be made very quickly -- usually within 24-72 hours.

It is a big step for you to consider adoption as an option for yourself and your unborn baby. 

There are many reasons women choose adoption:

1.  Some women want a stable, two-parent home for their child, and adoptive families can provide this. (Adoptive parents must pass a home study by a licensed social worker who has examined their health, finances, home, relationship and adoption decision.  Then a Judge must approve them as adoptive parents.)

2.  Some women want their child to be able to have a wonderful education and other necessities they simply cannot provide.

3.  Some women know they are too young to parent and want to finish their education.

4.  Some women have other children and know they cannot afford another child.

5.  Some women think they are too old to parent a newborn.

6.  Sometimes the birth father is a problem.

7.  Many women do not have strong family support systems to help them raise a child or have problems in the family they do not want a child to experience.

8.  Many women are not ready to parent, but do not believe in abortion.  For them, adoption is a great solution

9.  And many more reasons.

Only you will know if adoption is the right choice for you and your baby.


I talk to many women who have decided adoption is the right decision for them even before they call me. Other birth moms need to consider a lot of information before they decide anything.

To get more information, without arm-twisting, call me and set up a private, free, confidential appointment. I will explain the adoption process to you fully and then you take the time to make whatever decision is right for you. After we talk, adoption may or may not be a good option for you. 

But If you do choose adoption, I am ready and able to help.  Arkansas law permits adoptive parents to pay for certain necessities mentioned above.  You and I will discuss your specific financial needs and come up with a plan tailored to you.  Every woman's needs are unique.

I have represented adoptive parents and helped birth moms with medical and personal needs since 1978.  So if adoption is an option you want to know more about, just call me.

We will set up an appointment quickly and get things going.  I don't have a "staff" like an adoption agency.  So you won't get passed around from person to person.  You will deal directly with me throughout the whole process.

I live and work in Northwest Arkansas and am available to you by cell phone 24/7.

I have many birth moms who would be happy to tell you about their past adoption experiences with me.  I will give you names and telephone numbers if you want to speak with them.

I look forward to helping you.