Looking To Adopt



Choosing to adopt will be one of the most frightening and wonderful decisions you will ever make.

My business is to guide prospective adoptive parents through each step of the adoption process and to take very good care of birth moms and their needs.

You have heard or read about the scary aspects of the adoption process and we will talk at length about the very real risks involved.  But the vast majority of "matched" adoptive families end up with a new baby in the house within six months of beginning the process. More than 25,000 American families successfully adopt newborns in the US every year.


Every prospective match with a birth mom is unique, so an accurate cost estimate is not possible until a specific birth mom's needs are assessed. But I will be able to give you an estimate when we talk in generalities and about a specific placement.

There is no "typical" scenario.  I interview birth moms and adoptive parents, get a great deal of information from each, and then a match is made when the preferences from birth mom are the same as the preferences of adoptive parents.

An Individual Adoption Plan is developed for each adoption journey. Fine tuning of that Plan continues throughout the process.  These are examples of some of the numerous possible variations:

1.  Sometimes both sides want to communicate through me with photos and/or once a year letters (omitting names and addresses).

2.  Birth mom wants adoptive mom to be in the delivery room.

3.  Birth mom wants to send a scrapbook or letter to be shared with the child when he/she is ready.

4.  Neither side wants any communication with the other.

5.  And every other suggestion you can imagine.

Each request from either birth mom or adoptive parents is seriously considered, conveyed to the other and agreements are made as to how things will go and that becomes your unique Adoption Plan.


1.  You must be in good health and have a reasonable life expectancy.  You must have written documentation of the state of your health from your physician.

2.  A home study by a licensed social worker will be conducted and the social worker must recommend the adoption.

3.  A criminal background check and investigation of reports of child abuse or neglect will be conducted as a part of your home study.

4.  The adequacy of your income and housing are a consideration.

5.  Your age is a factor.  Applicants between ages 28 and 42 have the best chance of being matched, but I have made a few matches when applicants were 42-46.


There is an adoption tax credit available from IRS to many adoptive parents of approximately $10,000.  The amount of the tax credit and income guidelines change often, so you need to talk to your tax professional about whether you qualify for this important tax credit and the amount.


I maintain a list of potential adoptive parents.  If you want to be added to my list, please download the Adoption Intake Sheet, fill it out, and then fax or mail it to me.

I am very passionate about adoption and love this work.  I look forward to providing you the support, information, and counsel to address your questions and concerns.